Physical Chemistry by R L Madan

Physical Chemistry by R L Madan

Physical Chemistry written by R L Madan

Free Download Physical Chemistry written by R L Madan

Physical Chemistry by R L Madan

Chemistry has made a significant impact on society and is intimately linked to the well-being of humankind. The rate of advancement of basic sciences is so high that academicians look forward to strategies to cope with those advancements. Physical chemistry provides a decent bridge between mathematical sciences and experimental sciences. The present textbook is a sincere effort in this direction. This book provides a unified approach to the study of chemistry for undergraduate (Pass and Honours) students. The text is well illustrated with examples from surrounding environments which will help students grasp the concepts easily.

There are several highlights of this book. The chapter dealing with mathematical concepts and computers will provide a powerful tool to students in understanding the basic concepts and solving numerical problems in a shorter time. Partial differentiation and integration need special mention in this regard. The incorporation of computers and the introduction of analog and digital devices will provide a good basic platform for understanding physical chemistry Biographical sketches of some scientists relevant to particular topics will surely enthuse students. Liquid state, colloidal state chemical kinetics, and thermodynamics have been written especially in a systematic, lucid, and comprehensible style. Learning objectives have been given exhaustively in each chapter of the book. Sufficient examples have been given at the end of each chapter, along with a summary for quick revision, key relations, question bank including multiple-choice questions and general questions so that students can evaluate their learning potential themselves.

The level of text material in each chapter is sufficient to escalate this book to an international standard. I am sure this book will procure the author and publishers a good name in the market. The hard work done by the author is commendable and deserves to be congratulated. I wish huge success with this book.

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts
Mathematical Concepts and Computers
Gaseous State
The Liquid State
The Solid State
Colloidal State
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Equilibrium

Phase Equilibria and Phase Rule
Distribution Law
Atomic Structure and Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics and Chemical Bonding
Physical Properties and Molecular Structure
Liquid-Liquid Mixtures
Dilute Solutions and Colligative Properties
Nuclear Chemistry

File Size: 40.0 MB. Pages: 1309. Please read Disclaimer.

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