Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula 9th Ed.

Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula 9th Ed.

Physical Chemistry 9th Ed. by Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula

Free Download Physical Chemistry By Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula 9th Ed.

Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula


Peter Atkins 
Julio De Paula



We have followed our usual tradition in that this new edition of the text is yet another thorough update of the content and its presentation. Our goal is to keep the book flexible to use, accessible to students, broad in scope, and authoritative, without adding bulk. However, it should always be borne in mind that much of the bulk arises from the numerous pedagogical features that we include (such as Worked examples, Checklists of key equations, and the Resource section), not necessarily from the density of information. The text is still divided into three parts, but the material has been moved between chapters and the chapters themselves have been reorganized. We continue to respond to the cautious shift in emphasis away from classical thermodynamics by combining several chapters in Part 1 (Equilibrium), bearing in mind that some of the material will already have been covered in earlier courses. For example, the material on phase diagrams no longer has its own chapter but is now distributed between Chapters 4 (Physical transformation of pure substances) and 5 (Simple mixtures). New Impact sections highlight the application of principles of thermodynamics to materials science, an area of growing interest to chemists. In Part 2 (Structure) the chapters have been updated with a discussion of contemporary techniques of materials science—including nanoscience—and spectroscopy. We have also paid more attention to computational chemistry, and have revised the coverage of this topic in Chapter 10. Part 3 has lost chapters dedicated to the kinetics of complex reactions and surface processes, but not the material, which we regard as highly important in a contemporary context. To make the material more readily accessible within the context of courses, descriptions of polymerization, photochemistry, and enzyme- and surface-catalyzed reactions are now part of Chapters 21 (The rates of chemical reactions) and 22 (Reaction dynamics)—already familiar to readers of the text—and a new chapter, Chapter 23, on Catalysis.

Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula

Table of Contents


The properties of gases
The First Law
The Second Law
Physical transformations of pure substances
Simple mixtures
Chemical equilibrium
Quantum theory: introduction and principles
Quantum theory: techniques and applications
Atomic structure and spectra
Molecular structure
Molecular symmetry
Molecular spectroscopy 1: rotational and vibrational spectra
Molecular spectroscopy 2: electronic transitions
Molecular spectroscopy 3: magnetic resonance
Statistical thermodynamics 1: the concepts
Statistical thermodynamics 2: applications Molecular interactions
Materials 1: macromolecules and self-assembly
Materials 2: solids
Molecules in motion
The rates of chemical reactions
Reaction dynamics
List of impact sections

Impact on astrophysics
Impact on biochemistry
Impact on biology
Impact on engineering
Impact on environmental science
Impact on materials science
Impact on medicine
Impact on nanoscience
Impact on technology

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