Organic Synthesis the Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition by Stuart Warren (very informative)

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Organic Synthesis the Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition by Stuart Warren (very informative)

Organic Synthesis the Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition by Stuart Warren
  1. Basic Principles: Synthons and Reagents Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds
  2. Strategy I: The Order of Events
  3. One-Group C-X Disconnections
  4. Strategy II: Chemoselectivity
  5. Two-Group C-X Disconnections
  6. Strategy III: Reversal of Polarity, Cyclisations, Summary of Strategy
  7. Amine Synthesis
  8. Strategy IV: Protecting Groups
  9. One Group C-C Disconnections I: Alcohols
  10. General Strategy A: Choosing a Disconnection
  11. Strategy V: Stereoselectivity A
  12. One Group C-C Disconnections II: Carbonyl Compounds
  13. Strategy VI: Regioselectivity
  14. Alkene Synthesis
  15. Strategy VII: Use of Acetylenes (Alkynes)
  16. Two-Group C-C Disconnections I: Diels-Alder Reactions
  17. Strategy VIII: Introduction to Carbonyl Condensations
  18. Two-Group C-C Disconnections II: 1,3-Difunctionalised Compounds
  19. Strategy IX: Control in Carbonyl Condensations
  20. Two-Group C-C Disconnections III: 1,5-Difunctionalised Compounds
    Conjugate (Michael) Addition and Robinson Annelation
  21. Strategy X: Aliphatic Nitro Compounds in Synthesis
  22. Two-Group Disconnections IV: 1,2-Difunctionalised Compounds
  23. Strategy XI: Radical Reactions in Synthesis
  24. Two-Group Disconnections V: 1,4-Difunctionalised Compounds
  25. Strategy XII: Reconnection
  26. Two-Group C-C Disconnections VI: 1,6-diCarbonyl Compounds
  27. General Strategy B: Strategy of Carbonyl Disconnections
  28. Strategy XIII: Introduction to Ring Synthesis: Saturated Heterocycles
  29. Three-Membered Rings
  30. Strategy XIV: Rearrangements in Synthesis
  31. Four-Membered Rings: Photochemistry in Synthesis
  32. Strategy XV: The Use of Ketenes in Synthesis
  33. Five-Membered Rings
  34. Strategy XVI: Pericyclic Reactions in Synthesis: Special Methods for Five-Membered Rings
  35. Six-Membered Rings
  36. General Strategy C: Strategy of Ring Synthesis
  37. Strategy XVII: Stereoselectivity B
  38. Aromatic Heterocycles
  39. General Strategy D: Advanced Strategy

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