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This portal is specially designed with the aim to provide easy and timely access to worldwide Chemical Distributors lists for manufacturers, industrialists, researchers and individuals who want to contribute to the development sector.

Here is a comprehensive list of continents which further contain the lists of their respective countries. Every continent is represented with its name and a Map image as a sign to identify it quickly at first sight. Clicking on the continent opens a new portal with its respective countries, where most of the developing / under-developing countries list is provided. Each country is represented with its name and an image of a famous building, monument or tourist place for a quick recognition. On clicking the country it opens the list of its Chemical Distributors with their address and contact details.

Although it is not claimed to be a complete Distributors / Suppliers list, because of the matter the fact that we could only find the distributors from directories available to us and not each and every Distributors / Suppliers are listed on the directories provided. That’s the reason we have offered an option below on each list for the Distributors / Suppliers to get themselves listed here on our portal, simply by following the instructions provided at the end of each list.

If you are here searching for chemical Distributors / Suppliers, we request you to use the comments box for your queries and suggestions and also share these lists with your colleagues and friends. If you find any Distributors / Suppliers missing from our lists, please identify us through the comments box and bring it in their notice too, so they can get themselves listed here.

For any further correspondence, you can email us at or navigate to our Contact Us page.

Additionally, it is to clarify here that we do not own any of such business or entity. Our sole purpose is to help and provide a bridging source to meet both ends of Suppliers – Consumer needs. If any Distributors / Suppliers, listed here found guilty of illegal activities or fraudulent, we must not be held accountable for that. Before making any deal with Chemical Distributors / Suppliers make sure about their credibility and reliability. Thanks!

“Some of the distributor listing is provided by the kind permission of Chemagility Ltd. Copyright 2021. Please visit the platform for more detailed information and in-depth analysis on chemical distributors around the world.”

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