Analytical Chemistry by G.D. Christian

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Analytical Chemistry by G.D. Christian

Analytical Chemistry By G.D. Christian

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Analytical Chemistry by G.D. Christian 7th Edition


Analytical Chemistry by G.D. Christian

7th Edition


Gary D. Christian
University of Washington

Purnendu K. (Sandy) Dasgupta
University of Texas at Arlington

Kevin A. Schug
University of Texas at Arlington


Teachers open the door, but it is up to you to enter” —Anonymous

This edition has two new coauthors, Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta and Kevin Schug, both from the University of Texas at Arlington. So the authorship now spans three generations of analytical chemists who have each brought their considerable expertise in both teaching and research interests to this book. While all chapters have ultimately been revised and updated by all authors, the three authors have spearheaded different tasks. Among the most notable changes are the following: The addition of a dedicated chapter on mass spectrometry (Chapter 22) by Kevin. Sandy provided complete rewrites of the chapters on spectrochemical methods (Chapter 16) and atomic spectrometric methods (Chapter 17), and gas and liquid chromatography (Chapters 20 and 21), and added many new Excel problems and exercises. Gary compiled and organized all old and new supplementary materials for the textbook companion website and added QR codes for selected website materials, and he prepared the PowerPoint presentations of figures and tables.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Analytical Objectives, or: What Analytical Chemists Do
Chapter 2: Basic Tools and Operations of Analytical Chemistry
Chapter 3: Statistics and Data Handling in Analytical Chemistry
Chapter 4: Good Laboratory Practice: Quality Assurance and Method Validation
Chapter 5: Stoichiometric Calculations: The Workhorse of the Analyst
Chapter 6: General Concepts of Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 7: Acid-Base Equilibria
Chapter 8: Acid-Base Titrations
Chapter 9: Complexometric Reactions and Titrations
Chapter 10: Gravimetric Analysis and Precipitation Equilibria
Chapter 11: Precipitation Reactions and Titrations
Chapter 12: Electrochemical Cells and Electrode Potentials
Chapter 13: Potentiometric Electrodes and Potentiometry
Chapter 14: Redox and Potentiometric Titrations
Chapter 15: Voltammetry and Electrochemical Sensors
Chapter 16: Spectrochemical Methods
Chapter 17: Atomic Spectrometric Methods
Chapter 18: Sample Preparation: Solvent and Solid-Phase Extraction
Chapter 19: Chromatography: Principles and Theory
Chapter 20: Gas Chromatography
Chapter 21: Liquid Chromatography and Electrophoresis
Chapter 22: Mass Spectrometry
Chapter 23: Kinetic Methods of Analysis
Chapter 24: Automation in Measurements
Chapter 25: Clinical Chemistry
Chapter 26: Environmental Sampling and Analysis
Chapter G: Century of the Gene—Genomics and Proteomics: DNA Sequencing and Protein Profiling

Analytical Chemistry by G.D. Christian

Potentiometric Measurements
Reduction–Oxidation Titrations
Potentiometric Titrations
Spectro-chemical Measurements
Mass Spectrometry
Kinetic Analysis
Flow Injection Analysis
Team Experiments

Includes 48 Lab Experiments

Analytical Chemistry by G.D. Christian

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