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Chemistry Lab: We Focus on educating chemists about the latest trends applied in high-tech chemistry laboratories around the world. Our Blogs are mainly on the topics of new chemistry lab apparatus and instruments available in the market. the standard Operating Procedures and Analytical Methods to perform various lab tests with maximum success and least errors. Handling and usage of HPLC- High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, GC – Gas Chromatography, AAS – Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy, and other high tech equipment. 

Handling and Usage of Safety goggles/glasses and safety equipment. Reading and usage of safety material datasheets. Proper handling of Test tubes, Beakers, Round bottom flasks, conical flasks, Florence flasks/ boiling flasks, Pipettes, Tongs, and racks Watch glasses, Crucible dishes, Funnels, simple as well as Graduated cylinders, Volumetric flasks, Droppers, Burets, Ring stands, burners, rings, and clamps, forceps, Spatulas and scopulas, pH meters, Conductivity and TDS meters, Thermometers, Bunsen Burner and Analytical Balances.

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Chemistry Lab

1. Best ways to Design an Optimal Laboratory Layout
2. Chemistry Experiments by Pamela Walker and Elaine Wood
3. Introduction to Chemical Principles by Susan A Weiner and Blaine Harrison 7th Edition
4. The Chemistry of Fragrances by David H. Pybus and Charles S. Sell

5. Preparation of Standard Solution From Liquid Substance
6. Laboratory Inquiry in Chemistry by Richard C. Bauer and James P. Birk Third Edition



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