Organic Chemistry Vol 2 by I L Finar Third Edition

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Organic Chemistry Vol 2 by I L Finar Third Edition

Organic Chemistry Vol 2 by I L Finar Third Edition

Free Download Organic Chemistry Vol 2 by I L Finar – Third Edition

Organic Chemistry Vol 2

Stereochemistry and the chemistry of Natural Products



I L Finar


Table of Contents

  1. Physical properties and chemical constitution
  2. Optical isomerism
  3. Nucleophilic substitution at a saturated carbon atom
  4. Geometrical isomerism
  5. Stereochemistry of diphenyl compounds
  6. Stereochemistry of some elements other than carbon
  7. Carbohydrates
  8. Terpenes
  9. Carotenoids
  10. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  11. Steroids
  12. Heterocyclic compounds containing two or more hetero atoms
  13. Amino acids and proteins
  14. Alkaloids
  15. Anthocyanins
  16. Purines and nucleic acids
  17. Vitamins
  18. Chemotherapy
  19. Hemoglobin chlorophyll and phthalocyanines
  20. Author Index
  21. Subject Index


This third edition has been revised to bring it up to date. This has been made possible by the information I have obtained from articles written by experts on important developments in their field of research. Since the volume of research published on topics dealt with (and not dealt with) in this book makes it impossible to include all new work, I have therefore had to choose, but any deficiencies in my choice are, I hope, partly compensated by the reading references given at the end of each chapter. Chapter III has been rewritten (and renamed), but the section on the transition state theory of reactions has been omitted; it has now been included in Volume I (4th ed., 1963). Expanded topics include nuclear magnetic resonance, correlation of configurations, conformational analysis, molecular overcrowding, the Beckmann rearrangement, nucleophilic substitution at a saturated carbon atom, elimination and addition reactions, carotenoids, penicillin, amino-acids, biosynthesis, etc. Some additions are rotatory dispersion, electron spin resonance, specification of absolute configurations, Newman projection formulae, neighboring group participation, the Wagner Meerwein rearrangement, sesquiterpenes, etc.


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