Organic Chemistry Vol 1 by I L Finar Fourth Edition

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Organic Chemistry Vol 1 by I L Finar Fourth Edition

Organic Chemistry Vol 1 by I L Finar Fourth Edition

Free Download Organic Chemistry Vol 1 by I L Finar – Fourth Edition

 Organic Chemistry Vol 1

The Fundamental Principles



I L Finar


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Structure of the atom
  3. Aliphatic Compounds
  4. Paraffins
  5. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
  6. Halogen Derivatives of the paraffin
  7. Monohydric Alcohols
  8. Ethers
  9. Aldehydes and Ketones
  10. Fatty Acids
  11. Tautomerism
  12. Polyhydric Alcohols
  13. Unsaturated Alcohols, Ethers, Carbonyl compounds, and acids
  14. Nitrogen compounds
  15. Aliphatic compounds of Sulphur phosphorus arsenic and silicon
  16. Organo-metallic compounds
  17. Saturated Dicarboxylic acids
  18. Hydroxy acids stereochemistry, unsaturated dicarboxylic acids
  19. Carbohydrates
  20. Alicyclic compounds
  21. Aromatic Compounds
  22. Simple aromatic hydrocarbons
  23. Aromatic halogen compounds
  24. Aromatic Nitro compounds
  25. Aromatic halogen compounds
  26. Aromatic nitro compounds
  27. Aromatic amino compounds
  28. Diazonium salts and their related compounds
  29. Sulphonic acids
  30. Phenols
  31. Alcohols, Aldehydes, Ketones, and Quinones
  32. Aromatic acids
  33. Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and their derivatives
  34. Heterocyclic compounds
  35. Heterocyclic compounds
  36. Dyes
  37. Examination Questions
  38. Appendix
  39. Index


This book has been revised to bring it up to date. At the same time, I have rewritten many sections on mechanisms, the added material being an elementary account of the sort of evidence that has led workers to suggest the mechanisms that are acceptable at the present time. This treatment should be more interesting to the reader and will give him a better understanding of this branch of organic chemistry.

Expanded subjects include quantum numbers, resonance, free radicals, 1.2-shifts, allylic rearrangements, substitution at a saturated carbon atom, Walden inversion, hyperconjugation, the Diels-Alder reaction, aromaticity, aromatic substitution, configuration of oximes, etc. Additional matter includes shapes of molecules, structure, and reactivity, the transition state theory of reactions, correlation and specification of configuration, ion-pairs, neighboring group participation; molecular overcrowding, mechanisms of hydrolysis and esterification, Wittig reaction, hydroboration, kinetically and thermodynamically controlled products, the principle of microscopic reversibility, methylenes, Newman projection formulae, new reagents, etc.

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