Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling

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Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling

Crystalmaker X Software - Crystal and Molecular Modeling 3

Free Download Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling

Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling

  • Design new materials and relax their structures.
  • Build, display & manipulate all kinds of crystal and molecular structures.
  • Simulate diffraction properties for powders and single crystals.
  • Animate structural behavior; generate video for teaching or presentations.

CrystalMaker Software makes it possible for a streamlined workflow that is a perfect tool for productivity; like just drag-and-drop your data files into the program for instant display in spectacular photo-realistic color, proving it to be a handy tool for such illustrations. It helps the user to manipulate structures in real-time, with the cursors. It also makes it possible to have multiple View “bookmarks” and undo levels encourage exploration and discovery – ideal for teaching professionals and research professionals as well as for students.

CrystalMaker X software has as a prominent attribute for industry-leading 3D graphical-based projects, for spectacular – and fast – pixel-perfect and amazing visualizations along with perfect overlap corrections and translucency, which makes it the best tool for industrial approach. It makes it possible for the user to enjoy high-resolution “Retina” graphics on the latest Macs or Surface Pro devices. Save publication-quality graphics – with transparency – or generate engaging videos of rotating structures or animations. This is award-winning software that is now used by thousands of scientists, engineers, and students – spread across the continents and over 60 countries.

Crystalmaker X Software - Crystal and Molecular Modeling 2

Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling 












Additional in Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling

CrystalMaker software is the first program of its kind to go beyond static structures, to let you explore structural behavior quickly and easily. Just drag-and-drop files into the same window, then rearrange their thumbnails to build your movie timeline. Manipulate and synchronize views, drag-and-drop thumbnails to rearrange them, then click the Play button and visualize the animation. It doesn’t stop there: CrystalMaker X lets you rotate and scale animations, change their model types, view directions, and model settings. You can also use the Playback Controls to “scrub” through an animation sequence: it’s an ideal way to rapidly browse a simulation trajectory. Finally, you can export your animation as a movie – for use on the web or in a presentation.

As per a user review “very good software to simulate crystal structures and their diffraction patterns. What is available is very efficient. I am not 100% happy about features in lists of diffraction peaks and in the appearance of exported figures, but that may also be a problem due to a wrongdoing user. Of course, it depends on what you want to do. I would be happy to have stereographic projections. We also use here putting several crystals in one image to analyze orientation relationships. For that, we use Vesta (free to use; which is also very powerful). In fact, we use both software in parallel.” Engage your students with immersive 3D content, challenge them to “learn through play” in their own time – and demonstrate genuine “value returned”.


File Size: 181MB. Please read the Disclaimer.

Free download Crystalmaker X Software – Crystal and Molecular Modeling software from the following download links.



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