Analytical Methods for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy By Perkin-Elmer Corporation

Analytical Methods for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy By Perkin-Elmer Corporation

Analytical Methods for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy The Perkin-Elmer Corporation

Free Download Analytical Methods for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy By Perkin-Elmer Corporation

Analytical Methods for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy By Perkin-Elmer Corporation

Table of Contents

General Information

Emission vs. Absorption

Light Sources for Atomic Absorption

Burner System


Gas Controls


Instrument Calibration

Characteristic Concentration vs. Detection Limit


Standard Conditions Pages

General Operating Guidelines

Accessory Sampling Techniques

Reagents and Suppliers Calculations

Standard Conditions

The standard conditions for the determination of individual elements

are listed alphabetically by an elemental symbol in this section.

Analytical Methods

AY-1 – Analysis of Soils: Extractable Cations

AY-2 – Analysis of Soils: Exchangeable Cations

AY-3 – Analysis of Soils and Sediments: Total Cations

AY-4 – Analysis of Plant Tissue: Dry Ashing

AY-5 – Analysis of Plant Tissue: Wet Digestion

vi Contents

AY-6 – Analysis of Feeds: Wet Digestion

AY-7 – Analysis of Feeds: Dry Ashing

AY-8 – Analysis of Inorganic Fertilizers

AY-9 – Analysis of Fertilizers Containing Organic Matter

AY-10 – Analysis of Fertilizers: Potassium

AY-11 – Analysis of Fertilizers: Boron

AY-12 – Analysis of Fertilizers: Phosphorus

AY-13 – Analysis of Fertilizers: Molybdenum

BC-1 – Analysis of Serum and Plasma: Calcium and Magnesium

BC-2 – Analysis of Serum and Plasma: Sodium and Potassium

BC-3 – Analysis of Serum: Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity


BC-4 – Analysis of Serum: Lithium

BC-5 – Analysis of Serum and Plasma: Copper and Zinc

BC-6 – Analysis of Serum: Gold

BC-7 – Analysis of Blood: Iron in Hemoglobin

BC-8 – Analysis of Blood: Determination of Lead Using an

Extraction Procedure

BC-9 – Analysis of Urine: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and


BC-10 – Analysis of Urine: Lithium and Zinc

BC-11 – Analysis of Urine: Determination of Lead Using an

Extraction Procedure

BC-12 – Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid: Calcium and


BC-13 – Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid: Copper and Zinc

BC-14 – Analysis of Tissue: Zinc: Dry Ashing (Oxidation


BC-15 – Analysis of Tissue: Zinc: Wet Ashing (Oxidation


BC-16 – Analysis of Fingernails: Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium,

Copper, and Iron

BC-17 – Analysis of Hair: Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Lead

BC-18 – Analysis of Diet: Antimony, Cadmium, Chromium,

Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc

EN-1 – Analysis of Seawater: Determination of Major Cations

EN-2 – Analysis of Seawater: Determination of Soluble Metals

EN-3 – Analysis of Seawater: Determination of Metals in

Particulate Matter

EN-4 – Analysis of Natural Waters

EN-5 – Analysis of Metallic Air Pollutants

EN-6 – Analysis of Various Materials for Beryllium

EN-7 – Analysis of Fresh Water: Determination of Total


EN-8 – Analysis of Natural Waters: Determination of Metals

Using an Extraction Procedure

FP-1 – Analysis of Foodstuffs

FP-2 – Analysis of Foodstuffs: Cadmium and Lead

FP-3 – Analysis of Meat and Meat Products

FP-4 – Analysis of Fish and Seafood: Wet Digestion

FP-5 – Analysis of Fish and Seafood: Dry Ashing Procedure

FP-6 – Analysis of Baking Powder: Aluminum

FP-7 – Analysis of Whole Kernel Corn: Heavy Metals

FP-8 – Analysis of Edible Oils: Char-Ashing Technique

FP-9 – Analysis of Edible Fats and Oils: Direct Solvent Method

FP-10 – Analysis of Tea and Instant Tea: Copper, Nickel

FP-11 – Analysis of Fruit Juice

FP-12 – Analysis of Milk

FP-13 – Analysis of Evaporated Milk: Lead

FP-14 – Analysis of Wine

FP-15 – Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages: Copper, Iron

FP-16 – Analysis of Beer

FP-17 – Analysis of Food Coloring Dyes: Lead

FS-1 – Analysis of Pistol Bullets

FS-2 – Analysis of Paint Scrapings

FS-3 – Analysis of Heroin

FS-4 – Analysis of Ceramics: Determination of Lead and

Cadmium Extracted from Glazed Surfaces

GC-1R – Analysis of Bauxite

GC-2 – Analysis of Rocks and Soils: Determination of Mercury

with a Flameless Technique

GC-3 – Analysis of Sulfide Minerals

GC-4R – Analysis of Silicates and Carbonates: Lithium

Metaborate Fusion Procedure

GC-5 – Analysis of Soils and Ores: HF Dissolution Procedure

GC-6 – Analysis of Ores, Feeds, Tailings, and Concentrates:

Silver and Gold Assay

ID-1 – Analysis of Cement: HCl Extraction Procedure

ID-2 – Analysis of Cement: Lithium Metaborate Fusion

ID-3 – Analysis of Tungsten Carbide

ID-4 – Analysis of Coal Ash

ID-5 – Analysis of Yttrium Phosphors

ID-6 – Analysis of Fluorescent Phosphors

ID-7 – Analysis of Glass and Ceramic Frit

ID-8 – Analysis of Photographic Fixing Solutions

ID-9 – Analysis of Uranium Compounds

ID-10 – Analysis of Polysiloxanes

ID-11 – Analysis of Vinyl Additives and Paint Additives

ID-12 – Analysis of Leather: Determination of Chromium

ID-13 – Analysis of High Purity Silver Chloride

ID-14 – Analysis of Paint

MT-1 – Analysis of Aluminum Alloys

MT-2 – Analysis of Magnesium Alloys

MT-3 – Analysis of Tungsten

MT-4 – Analysis of Niobium and Tantalum

MT-5 – Analysis of Lead, Tin, and Lead-Tin Alloys

MT-6R – Analysis of Copper Alloys

MT-7 – Analysis of Zirconium and Hafnium

MT-8 – Analysis of Titanium Alloys

MT-9 – Analysis of Nickel and Nickel Alloys

MT-10 – Analysis of Iron and Steels

MT-11 – Analysis of Gold

MT-12 – Analysis of Plating Solutions

MT-13 – Analysis of Steels and Brasses

MT-14 – Analysis of Jewelry Alloys

PC-1 – Analysis of Lubricating Oils: Determination of

Wear Metals

PC-2 – Analysis of Lubricating Oils: Particle Size-Independent

Determination of Wear Metals

(Analytical Methods for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy By Perkin-Elmer Corporation)

PC-3 – Analysis of Lubricating Oils and Additives: Calcium,

Barium, Zinc

PC-4 – Analysis of Gasoline: Lead

PC-5 – Analysis of Fuel Oils: Vanadium, Sodium, Lead

PC-6 – Analysis of Gas Oils

PC-7 – Analysis of Petroleum Additives: Lead and Antimony

PH-1 – Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparations

PH-2 – Analysis of Commercial Hand Lotions

PH-3 – Analysis of Cosmetics: Determination of Lead

PH-4 – Determination of Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12

PH-5 – Analysis of Insulin: Determination of Zinc

PH-6 – Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparations: Determination

of Aluminum

PL-1 – Analysis of Polypropylene

PL-2 – Analysis of Textiles

PL-3R – Analysis of Synthetic Fibers

PL-4 – Analysis of Wool

PL-5 – Analysis of Cellulose

PL-6 – Analysis of Synthetic Fibers: Determination of Gold

GN-1 – General Procedure for the Indirect Determination of


GN-2 – General Procedure for the Indirect Determination of


GN-3 – General Procedure for the Indirect Determination of



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