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Table of Contents:

Data Booklet: For Chemistry (Advanced Level)

Tables of Chemistry Data: Important Values, Constants and Standards.

Section I: Physical Chemistry

  1. Atoms, Molecules and Stoichiometry
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Chemical Bonding
  4. The Gaseous State
  5. Chemical Energetics
  6. Electrochemistry
  7. Equilibria
  8. Reaction Kinetics

Section II: Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Periodic Table & Periodicity
  2. Group II
  3. Group VII
  4. An Introduction to the Chemistry of Transition Elements

Section III: Organic Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry: Introductory Topics
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Halogen Derivatives
  4. Hydroxy Compounds
  5. Carbonyl Compounds
  6. Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives
  7. Nitrogen Compounds

Answer Keys

Some of the key content that you will be examined on:

  • relative masses of atoms and molecules
  • the mole, the Avogadro constant
  • the calculation of empirical and molecular formulae
  • reacting masses and volumes of solutions and gasses
  • the nucleus of the atom: neutrons and protons, isotopes, proton and neutron numbers
  • electrons, electronic energy levels, ionisation energies, atomic orbitals, extranuclear structure
  • ionic bonding
  • covalent bonding and co-ordinate bonding
  • intermolecular forces, hydrogen bonding
  • metallic bonding
  • bonding and physical properties
    the solid-state
  • ideal gas behaviour and deviations from it
  • pV = nRT and its use
  • periodicity of physical properties of the elements: variation with proton number
  • across the third period
  • periodicity of chemical properties of the elements
  • the reaction of these oxides and chlorides with water
  • acid/base behaviour of these oxides and the corresponding hydroxides
  • molecular, structural and empirical formulae
  • functional groups and the naming of organic compounds
  • characteristic organic reactions
  • shapes of organic molecules sigma and pi bonds
  • isomerism: structural; geometrical; optical


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