The Periodic Table Book by Tom Jackson

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The Periodic Table Book by Tom Jackson

The Periodic Table Book by Tom Jackson

Free Download The Periodic Table Book by Tom Jackson

The Periodic Table Book




Tom Jackson


Table of Contents


Elemental building blocks

Chemical discoveries

Inside an atom

Periodic table of elements

Reactions and uses


Alkali Metals

Alkaline Earth Metals

Transition Metals



The Boron Group

The Carbon Group

The Nitrogen Group

The Oxygen Group

The Halogen Group

Noble Gases





Everything in nature, from the mountains and the oceans to the air we breathe and the food we eat, are made up of simple substances called elements. You may have already heard of several of them, including gold, iron, oxygen, and helium, but these are just four out of a total of 118. Many have unique – and sometimes surprising – chemical and physical properties.

Gallium, for example, is solid but melts in your hand. A compound of sulfur gives off a nasty smell of rotten eggs. Fluorine is a gas that can burn a hole straight through concrete! The elements are rarely found in their pure form. Mostly, they are combined with each other to make compounds, which make up substances around us. For example, hydrogen and oxygen make water, sodium, and chlorine form salt, and carbon is found in millions of compounds, many of which – including proteins and sugars – make our bodies work. To find out more about the elements, we need to take a good look at the periodic table. This is used by scientists around the world to list and detail the elements. It shows the key information for each element, grouping them into similar types. With this information, we can use the elements to make many things we need: a fluorine compound in toothpaste toughens our teeth and silicon crystals engineered into microchips operate our gadgets and phones. Every element has its own story of where it comes from, what it can do, and how we use it. Let’s begin a tour of every element one by one. It’s going to be a fascinating journey. The Periodic Table Book by Tom Jackson


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The Periodic Table Book by Tom Jackson

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