Chemistry of Precious Metals by Dr S.A. Cotton

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Chemistry of Precious Metals by Dr S.A. Cotton

Chemistry of Precious Metals by Dr S.A. Cotton

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 Chemistry of Precious Metals by Dr S.A. Cotton



Dr S.A. Cotton


Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

  1. Ruthenium and Osmium

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The Elements and Uses

1.2.1 Extraction

1.3 Halides

1.3.1 Ruthenium Halides

1.3.2 Osmium Halides

1.3.3 Oxyhalides

1.3.4 Halide Complexes

1.3.5 ‘Ruthenium Blues’

1.3.6 Oxyhalide Complexes

1.4 Oxides and Related Anions

1.4.1 Anions

1.5 Other Binary Compounds

1.6 Aqua Ions

1.7 Compounds of Ruthenium (0)

1.8 Compounds of Ruthenium (II) And (III)

1.8.1 Amine Complexes

1.8.2 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

1.8.3 Carboxylate Complexes

1.8.4 Sulphide and Sulphoxide Complexes

1.8.5 Nitrosyl Complexes

1.8.6 Porphyrin Complexes

1.8.7 EDTA Complexes

1.8.8 Other Complexes of Ruthenium

1.9 Complexes of Ruthenium (IV)

1.10 Complexes of Osmium (0) Chemistry of Precious Metals

1.11 Osmium Complexes in the Oxidation States (II-IV)

1.11.1 Amine Complexes

1.11.2 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

1.11.3 Carboxylate Complexes

1.11.4 Nitrosyl Complexes

1.11.5 Other Osmium Complexes

1.12 Compounds in the High Oxidation States

1.12.1 Compounds of the MO2

2+ Groups

1.12.2 Nitride Complexes

1.12.3 Imides

1.13 Simple Alkyls and Aryls

  1. Rhodium and Iridium

2.1 Introduction

2.2 The Elements and Uses

2.2.1 Extraction

2.3 Halides and Halide Complexes

2.3.1 Rhodium Halides

2.3.2 Iridium Halides

2.3.3 Halometallates

2.4 Oxides, Hydrides, and Other Binary Compounds

2.5 Aqua Ions and Simple Salts

2.6 Compounds of Rhodium (0) Chemistry of Precious Metals

2.7 Compounds of Rhodium (I)

2.7.1 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

2.7.2 Carbonyl Complexes

2.7.3 Alkene Complexes

2.7.4 Isocyanide Complexes

2.8 Rhodium (II) Complexes

2.8.1 Phosphine Complexes

2.8.2 Dimers Chemistry of Precious Metals

2.8.3 Other Complexes

2.9 Rhodium (III) Complexes

2.9.1 Complexes of O-Donors

2.9.2 Complexes of Ammines

2.9.3 Complexes of Other N-Donors

2.9.4 Complexes of S-Donors

2.9.5 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

2.10 Iridium (I) Complexes

2.10.1 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

2.10.2 Vaska’s Compound

2.11 Dioxygen Complexes

2.12 Iridium (II) Complexes

2.13 Iridium (III) Complexes

2.13.1 Complexes of Ammines

2.13.2 Complexes of S-Donors

2.13.3 Tertiary Phosphine and Arsine Complexes

2.13.4 Hydride Complexes

2.13.5 Case Study of Dimethylphenylphosphine Complexes

2.14 Iridium (IV) Complexes

2.15 Iridium (V) Complexes

2.16 Nitrosyls of Iridium and Rhodium

2.17 Simple Alkyls and Aryls of Iridium and Rhodium

  1. Palladium and Platinum

3.1 Introduction

3.2 The Elements and Uses

3.2.1 Extraction

3.3 Halides Chemistry of Precious Metals

3.3.1 Palladium Halides

3.3.2 Platinum Halides

3.3.3 Halide Complexes

3.4 Other Binary Complexes

3.5 Aqua Ions

3.6 Palladium (0) and Platinum (0) Compounds

3.6.1 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

3.6.2 Reactions of Pt(PPh3)n and Related Species

3.6.3 Carbonyl Complexes

3.6.4 Carbonyl Clusters

3.6.5 Isocyanide Complexes

3.7 Palladium (I) and Platinum (I) Compounds

3.7.1 Phosphine Complexes

3.7.2 Isocyanide Complexes

3.8 Complexes of Palladium (II) and Platinum (II)

3.8.1 Complexes of O-Donors

3.8.2 Complexes of N-Donors

3.8.3 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

3.8.4 Complexes of C-Donors

3.8.5 Complexes of S-Donors

3.8.6 Complexes of Ambidentate Ligands

3.8.7 Stability of cis– and trans-Isomers

3.8.8 Five-Coordinate Compounds

3.8.9 The trans-Effect

3.8.10 Structural Evidence for trans-Influence

3.8.11 Spectroscopic Evidence for trans


3.9 Palladium (III) and Platinum (III)

3.10 Complexes of Platinum (IV)

3.10.1 Complexes of N-Donors

3.10.2 Tertiary Phosphine Complexes

3.10.3 Complexes of S-Donors

3.10.4 Application of the trans-Effect to Synthesis of Platinum (IV) Complexes

3.10.5 The trans-Influence in Some Platinum (IV) Compounds

3.11 Complexes of Palladium (IV)

3.12 The σ-Bonded Organometallics of Palladium (IV) and Platinum (IV)

3.12.1 Reductive Elimination Reactions

3.13 Anti-Tumour Activity of Platinum Complexes

3.14 Bond Lengths in Palladium and Platinum Analogues

  1. Silver and Gold

4.1 Introduction

4.2 The Elements and Uses

4.2.1 Extraction

4.2.2 Gold Plating and Other Methods of Gold Deposition

4.3 Halides

4.3.1 Silver Halides

4.3.2 Gold Halides

4.4 Oxides and Other Binary Compounds

4.5 Aqua Ions

4.6 Silver (I) Complexes

4.6.1 Complexes of O-Donors

4.6.2 Complexes of N-Donors

4.6.3 Tertiary Phosphine and Arsine Complexes

4.6.4 Complexes of Halogen-Donors

4.6.5 Complexes of C-Donors

4.6.6 Complexes of S-Donors

4.7 Silver (II) Complexes

4.8 Silver (III) Complexes

4.9 Gold (-I) Complexes

4.10 Gold (I) Complexes

4.10.1 Complexes of O-Donors

4.10.2 Complexes of N-Donors

4.10.3 Tertiary Phosphine and Arsine Complexes

4.10.4 Complexes of Halogen-Donors

4.10.5 Complexes of C-Donors

4.10.6 Complexes of S-Donors

4.10.7 MO Schemes for 2-Coordinate Gold (I) Complexes

4.11 Gold (II) Complexes

4.12 Gold (III) Complexes

4.12.1 Complexes of Halogens

4.12.2 Complexes of N-Donors

4.12.3 Tertiary Phosphine and Arsine Complexes

4.12.4 Other Complexes 

4.12.5 Coordination Numbers and Gold (III)

4.12.6 The trans-Effect and trans-Influence

4.13 Gold (IV) Complexes

4.14 Gold (V) Complexes

4.15 Organometallic Compounds of Silver

4.15.1 Complexes of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

4.16 Organometallic Compounds of Gold

4.16.1 Gold (I) Complexes

4.16.2 Gold (III) Complexes

4.17 Gold Cluster Complexes

4.18 Relativistic Effects in Gold Chemistry

4.19 Aurophilicity Chemistry of Precious Metals

4.20 Silver and Gold Compounds in Medicine

4.21 Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Gold Compounds


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Chemistry of Precious Metals by Dr S.A. Cotton

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