Test Your Chemistry By Haq Nawaz Bhatti

Test Your Chemistry By Haq Nawaz Bhatti

Test Your Chemistry By Haq Nawaz Bhatti

Free Download Test Your Chemistry by Dr Haq Nawaz Bhatti
2nd Edition

Test Your Chemistry by Dr Haq Nawaz Bhatti
2nd Edition

Dr Haq Nawaz Bhatti
Chairman Department of Chemistry
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

About This Book

Test Your Chemistry is the best source for all competitive examinations in Chemistry and interviews. This book lets the Chemistry graduates master all the basic and advanced concepts to pass professional tests and interviews.
Revised & Enlarged,
For all Competitive Examinations in Chemistry and Interviews for Civil Services and Armed Force Services
(CSS, PMS, Educators, Grade 16 &17, etc.)

This Book contains basic and advanced concepts from all branches of Chemistry as; Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Applied / Industrial Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Spectroscopic Techniques.


Table of Contents

1- Physical chemistry

Atomic structure and quantum chemistry
The gaseous state
The liquid state
The solid-state
Solutions and colloids
Chemical thermodynamics and thermochemistry
Chemical equilibrium and the phase rule
Chemical kinetics and photochemistry
Nuclear chemistry

2- Organic chemistry
Introduction to organic chemistry
Covalent bonding
Reaction mechanism
Miscellaneous questions
Important conversions in organic chemistry
Some important name reactions
Practical organic chemistry

3- Inorganic chemistry
Basis of periodic classification
Periodic properties
Acids and bases
Chemical bonding
Chemistry of s block elements
Chemistry of p block element
Chemistry of D block element
Chemistry of f block elements
Qualitative and quantitative analysis

4- Analytical chemistry
Introduction to scope
Evaluation of analytical data
Standard solutions
PH and buffers
Gravimetric and volumetric analysis
Solvent extraction
Colorimetry and the spectrophotometry
Voltammetry and polarography
X-ray method
Thermoanalytical methods
Mossbauer spectroscopy

5- Environmental chemistry
Basic concepts
Air pollution
Water pollution
Noise pollution
Major effects of environmental pollution

6- Applied / industrial chemistry
Water treatment
Oils fats and waxes
Cement industry
Sugar industry
Paints, varnishes, and pigments

7- Biochemistry
Nucleic acids
Genetic engineering

8- Spectroscopic techniques
Introduction to spectroscopy
Microwave spectroscopy
Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy
Infrared spectroscopy
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Electron spin spectroscopy
Atomic spectroscopy
Mass spectroscopy

9- Biotechnology
Recombinant DNA technology
Animal tissue culture and hybridoma technology
Animal biotechnology
Transgenic animals
Plant tissue culture
Plant biotechnology
Transgenic plants
Biotechnology and healthcare
General and industrial microbiology
Enzymes technology
Food and beverages
Fuel technology
Environmental biotechnology

You can also read this book to enhance your knowledge of the Science of Chemistry.

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