Physical Chemistry In Brief by Anatol Malijevsk´y

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Physical Chemistry In Brief by Anatol Malijevsk´y

Physical Chemistry In Brief by Anatol Malijevsk´y

Free Download Physical Chemistry In Brief by Anatol Malijevsk´y

 Physical Chemistry In Brief



Prof. Ing. Josef P. Nov´ak, CSc.

Prof. Ing. Stanislav Lab´ık, CSc.

Ing. Ivona Malijevsk´a, CSc.



The Physical Chemistry In Brief; offers a digest of all major formulas, terms, and definitions needed for an understanding of the subject. They are illustrated by schematic figures, simple worked-out examples, and a short accompanying text. The concept of the book makes it different from common university or physical chemistry textbooks. In terms of contents, the Physical Chemistry In Brief; embraces the fundamental course in physical chemistry as taught at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, i.e. the state behavior of gases, liquids, solid substances and their mixtures, the fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics, phase equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, the fundamentals of electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and the kinetics of transport processes, colloid chemistry, and partly also the structure of substances and spectra. The reader is assumed to have a reasonable knowledge of mathematics at the level of secondary school, and of the fundamentals of mathematics as taught at the university level.


Table of Contents

1 Basic terms

2 State behavior

3 Fundamentals of thermodynamics

4 Application of thermodynamics

5 Thermochemistry

6 Thermodynamics of homogeneous mixtures

7 Phase equilibria

8 Chemical equilibrium

9 Chemical kinetics

10 Transport processes

11 Electrochemistry

12 Basic terms of chemical physics

13 Physical chemistry of surfaces

14 Dispersion systems

File Size: 3.92 MB. Pages: 466. Please read the Disclaimer.

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