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Objective Chemistry for JEE MAIN

Objective Chemistry

Free Download Objective Chemistry for JEE MAIN

Objective Chemistry for JEE MAIN



JEE Main 2014-15 Solved Papers
F Key Concepts with Illustrations
F 4 levels of Exercises
F 1200+Questions based on NCERT
F 1500+Past Competitive Exam MCQs
F 3500+ Practice MCQs for JEE Main
F Aligned as per Class 11 & 12 NCERT

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

  1. Exhaustive theory, with solved examples, explaining all fundamentals/ concepts to build a strong base.
  2. Illustrations to master applications of concepts & sharpen problem-solving skills.
  3. 3 levels of graded exercises to ensure sufficient practice.


Table of Contents

  1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  2. Structure of Atom
  3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  5. States of Matter
  6. Thermodynamics

7A. Chemical Equilibrium

7B. Ionic Equilibrium

  1. Redox Reactions
  2. Hydrogen

10A. The s-block Elements – Alkali Metals

10B. The s-block Elements – Alkaline Earth Metals

11A. The p-Block Elements – Boron Family

11B. The p-Block Elements – Carbon Family

12A. Purification, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Organic Compounds

12B. Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

12C. Hybridisation & Shapes of Organic Molecules

12D. General Organic (Basic Concepts)

12E. Isomerism

  1. Hydrocarbons
  2. Environmental Chemistry
  3. The Solid State
  4. Solutions
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. Chemical Kinetics
  7. Surface Chemistry
  8. General Principles & Processes of Isolation of Elements

21A. The p-Block Elements – Nitrogen Family

21B. The p-Block Elements – Oxygen Family

21C. The p-Block Elements – Halogens

21D. The p-Block Elements – Noble Gases

  1. The d & f-Block Elements
  2. Coordination Compounds
  3. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  4. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

26A. Aldehydes & Ketones

26B. Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives

  1. Amines
  2. Biomolecules
  3. Polymers
  4. Chemistry in Everyday Life

31A. Volumetric Analysis

31B. Principles related to Practical Chemistry

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