Medicinal Chemistry by Gareth Thomas Second Edition

Medicinal Chemistry by Gareth Thomas Second Edition

Medicinal Chemistry by Gareth Thomas Second Edition

Free Download Medicinal Chemistry by Gareth Thomas Second Edition

Medicinal Chemistry by Gareth Thomas Second Edition


Gareth Thomas


Preface to the Second Edition

This book is written for second and subsequent-year undergraduates studying for degrees in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, and other related degrees. It assumes that the reader has a knowledge of chemistry at Level 1 of a university life science degree. The text discusses the chemical principles used for drug discovery and design with relevant physiology and biology introduced as required. Readers do not need any previous knowledge of biological subjects.

The second edition of Medicinal Chemistry, an Introduction has a new layout that I hope presents the subject in a more logical form. The main changes are that Chapter 2 has been rewritten as three separate chapters, namely, structure-activity and quantitative structure relationships, computer-aided drug design, and combinatorial chemistry. Two new chapters entitled Drugs from Natural Sources and Drug Development and Production have been added. The text has been simplified and extended where appropriate with a number of case histories, new examples, and topics. Among the new topics are a discussion of monoclonal antibodies and photodynamic drugs. The inclusion of the new chapters and new material has necessitated a reduction in the biological and chemical introductions to some topics and the omission of some material included in the first edition. Furthermore, the reader should be aware that there are many more drugs and targets than those discussed in this text.

Chapter 1 introduces and gives an overview of medicinal chemistry. This is followed by chapters that discuss the principal methods used in drug design and the isolation of drugs from natural sources. Chapters 7–14 are concerned with a discussion of more specialized aspects of medicinal chemistry. The final two chapters outline drug and analog synthesis, development, and production. Appropriate chapters have an outline introduction to the relevant biology. Each chapter is supported by a set of questions. Answers to these questions, sometimes in the form of references to sections and figures in the book, are listed separately. An updated list of further reading, classified according to the subject, is also included. Gareth Thomas

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition

Preface to the Second Edition



  1. An introduction to drugs, their action, and discovery
  2. Drug structure and solubility
  3. Structure-activity and quantitative structure relationships
  4. Computer-aided drug design
  5. Combinatorial chemistry
  6. Drugs from natural sources
  7. Biological membranes
  8. Receptors and messengers
  9. Enzymes
  10. Nucleic acids
  11. Pharmacokinetics
  12. Drug metabolisms
  13. Complexes and chelating agents
  14. Nitric oxide
  15. An introduction to drug and analog synthesis
  16. Drug development and production

Selected further reading

Answers to questions



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