Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry by Prabhat Kumar

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Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry by Prabhat Kumar

Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry by Prabhat Kumar


Free Download Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry by Prabhat Kumar

Conceptual Inorganic Chemistry by Prabhat Kumar

This Book is specially designed for Chemistry competition tests preparation and other entrance examination aspirants with a view to present maximum concepts in a concise manner.

Science is defined as, the complete study of an object to gain systematic knowledge through experimentation, observations and reasoning. It includes various disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology mathematics and a number of other branches also.
here we are concerned with chemistry which is defined as the central science, as it is at the roots of all the branches of science.
in brief, it is defined as “the study of the substances, especially regarding their structures, properties transformations and the energy changes accompanying these transformations”.

The first which one faces even before opening the book to study inorganic chemistry is what is inorganic chemistry? and simplest answer of it which one may think is the word inorganic is the antonym of the term organic and study of any compound, not covered under the definition of organic compounds, is done under inorganic chemistry. term organic was proposed by Berzelius for the compounds having their origin from a living source but now the term is being used in a broader sense. organic compounds have principally maximum coordination number equal to four while in inorganic compounds it may be higher up to 12 or even more.


  1. Some Basic concepts
  2. Classification of Elements
  3. Periodic Properties
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  5. General Principles of Extraction of Metals
  6. Hydrogen and Its Compounds
  7. The Alkali Metals
  8. The Alkaline Earth Metals
  9. The Boron Family
  10. The Carbon Family
  11. The Nitrogen Family
  12. The Oxygen Family
  13. The Halogen Family
  14. The Noble Gases
  15. d & f -Block Elements
  16. Co-ordination Compounds or Complex Compounds
  17. Qualitative Inorganic Analysis
  18. Environmental Chemistry
  19. Important Facts to Remember
  20. Past Papers

File Size: 66.6  MB. Pages: 576. Please read Disclaimer.

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