Inorganic Chemistry by James E House

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Inorganic Chemistry by James E House

Inorganic Chemistry by James E. House

Free Download Inorganic Chemistry by James E House

Inorganic Chemistry by James E House



James E. House
Illinois Wesleyan University and Illinois State University


Table of Contents

PART 1 Structure of Atoms and Molecules

CHAPTER 1 Light, Electrons, and Nuclei

CHAPTER 2 Basic Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Structure

CHAPTER 3 Covalent Bonding in Diatomic Molecules

CHAPTER 4 A Survey of Inorganic Structures and Bonding

CHAPTER 5 Symmetry and Molecular Orbitals

PART 2 Condensed Phases

CHAPTER 6 Dipole Moments and Intermolecular Interactions

CHAPTER 7 Ionic Bonding and Structures of Solids

CHAPTER 8 Dynamic Processes in Inorganic Solids

PART 3 Acids, Bases, and Solvents

CHAPTER 9 Acid-Base Chemistry

CHAPTER 10 Chemistry in Nonaqueous Solvents

PART 4 Chemistry of the Elements

CHAPTER 11 Chemistry of Metallic Elements

CHAPTER 12 Organometallic Compounds of the Main Group Elements

CHAPTER 13 Chemistry of Nonmetallic Elements I. Hydrogen, Boron, Oxygen, and Carbon

CHAPTER 14 Chemistry of Nonmetallic Elements II. Groups IVA and VA

CHAPTER 15 Chemistry of Nonmetallic Elements III. Groups VIA to VIIIA

PART 5 Chemistry of Coordination Compounds

CHAPTER 16 Introduction to Coordination Chemistry

CHAPTER 17 Ligand Fields and Molecular Orbitals 617

CHAPTER 18 Interpretation of Spectra 645

CHAPTER 19 Composition and Stability of Complexes 671

CHAPTER 20 Synthesis and Reactions of Coordination Compounds

CHAPTER 21 Complexes Containing Metal-Carbon and Metal-Metal Bonds 739

CHAPTER 22 Coordination Compounds in Catalysis and Biochemistry 779

Appendix A: Ionization Energies 817

Appendix B: Character Tables for Selected Point Groups 821



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