Chromatography part B Applications (informative book)

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Chromatography part B Applications (informative book)

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6th Edition


Fundamentals and applications of chromatography and related differential migration methods


Authors of: Chromatography part B Applications

E. Heftmann

Table of Contents in Chromatography part B Applications by E. Heftmann 6th edition


List of Authors

List of Abbreviations

List of Italic Symbols

List of Greek Symbols

Foreword (S. Hjerte´n)

Preface (E. Heftmann)

13 Inorganic species (P.R. Haddad and K. Robards)

13.1 Gas chromatography

13.2 Liquid chromatography

13.3 Electroseparation methods


14 Chromatography of amino acids and peptides (M. Castagnola, S. Lippa, Zuppi, and I. Messana)

14.1 Introduction

14.2 Amino acids

14.3 Peptides

14.4 Microchip technology



15 Electrophoresis of proteins and peptides (P.G. Righetti, M. Hamdan,

Antonucci, B. Verzola and Alessandra Bossi)

15.1 Introduction

15.2 Gel electrophoresis

15.3 Free zone electrophoresis



16 Chromatography of proteins (A. Jungbauer and C. Machold)

16.1 Proteins: structure and function

16.2 Microheterogeneity

16.3 Therapeutic proteins

16.4 Stability

16.5 Normal-phase liquid chromatography

16.6 Hydrophobic-interaction and reversed-phase liquid chromatography

16.7 Ion-exchange chromatography

16.8 Size-exclusion chromatography

16.9 Proteomics and multi-dimensional chromatography


17 Lipids (A. Kuksis)

17.1 Introduction

17.2 Preparation of lipid extracts

17.3 General conditions of lipid chromatography

17.4 Isolation of individual lipid classes

17.5 Resolution of molecular species

17.6 Total lipid profiling

17.7 Chemical and enzymatic characterization of lipids


18 Carbohydrates (S.C. Churms)

18.1 Introduction

18.2 Liquid chromatography

18.3 Gas/liquid chromatography

18.4 Planar chromatography

18.5 Capillary electrophoresis


19 Nucleic Acids and Their Constituents (Y. Baba and L. Zhang)

19.1 Introduction

19.2 Structure of nucleic acids

19.3 Sample preparation

19.4 Chromatographic methods

19.5 Electrophoretic methods in analyses of nucleic acids

and their constituents

19.6 Detection

19.7 Prospect



20 Drugs (I.D. Wilson)

20.1 Introduction

20.2 Preparation of biological samples

20.3 High-performance liquid chromatography

20.4 Supercritical-fluid chromatography

20.5 Gas chromatography

20.6 Thin-layer chromatography


21 Environmental analysis (D. Barcelo´, M. Petrovic, E. Eljarrat,

M.J. Lopez de Alda, and A. Kampioti)

21.1 Introduction

21.2 Sampling and sample preparation

21.3 Quantitative analysis

21.4 Conclusions



22 Phytochemical analysis (G. Stecher and G.K. Bonn)

22.1 Introduction

22.2 Sample preparation and purification

22.3 Examples of analyses

22.4 Micro-separation systems


23 Forensic analysis (M.J. Bogusz and A. Carracedo)

23.1 Introduction

23.2 Drugs of abuse

23.3 Therapeutic drugs of forensic relevance

23.4 Chromatographic screening methods

23.5 Natural compounds

23.6 Doping substances

23.7 Environmental and occupational toxins

23.8 Chemical and biological warfare agents

23.9 Explosives

23.10 Arson accelerants

23.11 Inks and other writing or printing media

23.12 DNA typing

23.13 Concluding remarks


24 Computer resources (A. Kraj and J. Silberring)

24.1 Introduction

24.2 Publications

24.3 Instrumentation

24.4 Chromatography

24.5 Electrophoresis

24.6 Mass spectrometry

24.7 Applications

24.8 Scientific organizations

Subject Index

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