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Chemical Business Ideas

Chemical Business Ideas

Author: Atir Naeem Qurashi – Chemical Business Ideas  

Atir Naeem Qurashi

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A life-changing Blog for Chemists and Chemical Engineers!

My Mission: Empowering Chemists & Chemical Engineers 

Here I am to educate you on: 

  1. 70-Plus Chemical Business Ideas: Small Scale (from Zero to low investment) and Large Scale (as maximum as you can invest) businesses.
  2. The real techniques and skills required for starting and running a successful chemical business.


Can Every Worker Become a Successful Employee?

Must Read: No matter how good and a high salaried job you can get you always have had a little thought in your mind that “if you could have a self-business and could be the Boss reporting to none, but only to yourself”. For sure no job can give you the happiness and luxury of owning a successful business. 

I used to work in Multinational Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer Pharmaceutical and Abbott Laboratories) at the very start of my professional career as a Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Chemist.

The Plant Managers / Plant Directors were given the latest Mercedes-Benz car from the companies as top-notch employee benefits. I used to get inspired and think that someday, later in my life I would become the Plant Director and have such a car from a multinational company.

But being realistic not every employee becomes the Director! Right? It takes a lot of years of experience, skills, and of course communication skills to the level of Flattery. So, later on, as I got to know the work style in local as well as Multinational companies, I got the point that no matter what public services your enterprise is offering (be it local or multinational), It’s just another form of the business. To more clarify my point; Pharmaceuticals, Food Manufacturing Companies, and all other types of consumer services providing MNCs are just a business, where You, I, and our other colleagues, everyone is just a tiny part of it.

When this thought got stronger then my thinking style shifted to the other side and I started planning to own a self-business rather than being a part of someone else’s business.

Who Should start working on his / her own business?

One thing I must clarify here, I am not discouraging anyone from doing jobs. Jobs are the best opportunities for an easy earning, businesses are usually not that easy. But I want for most of the people to continue their jobs along with part-time businesses, that’s how you can get the Mercedes-Benz in your later years.

Chemists or Chemical Engineers have a general concept of acquiring jobs after graduating from their colleges/universities. I am here to change this conventional thinking and show you a new horizon of self-starting and a way to financial independence. Where you don’t have to live under the mercy of your employer (the Boss), who because of your less or zero experience offers you a job with such a minimum payment, that you cannot even pay back your school fee expenditures to your parents. With such a low salary how can you feed a family? When you can’t even provide yourself with all the basic needs, leave the luxuries aside.

If someone says chemistry has no or little business scope, he/ she is wrong. Here is why they are wrong: Even none a degree holder can do a successful business unless and until proper care is taken and suitable skills are utilized. Yes, there are a few examples of unskillful people running a successful business, but miracles happen rarely. So, all you need is to make a good business plan by keeping the available resources in mind.

Recourses include:

  1. Financial Resources: Funding
  2. Human Resources: Employees
  3. Educational Resources: Industry Know-How
  4. Physical Resources: Premises and Equipment
  5. Emotional Resources: Support Systems

Skills required for a startup business

  1. Excellent Communication and Negotiation: You will have to communicate and negotiate together with your suppliers, potential investors, customers, and employees. Having effective written and verbal communication skills will assist you to create good working relationships. 
  2. Critical Thinking: Being able to think for yourself may be a key skill at a time where the concept of career and therefore the workplace is changing. Critical thinking is clearly self-directed and self-disciplined, so you will have to be ready to think for yourself in a realistic and meaningful way.
  3. Adaptability: Adaptability within the workplace means having the ability to change so as to become successful.
  4. Persistence: It describes the power to push and push toward the finishing line, even the finishing line seems comically out of reach. It’s about tenacity and stubbornness, within the best sense of both words. like the old saying “good things come to those who wait”.
  5. Hard work: All definitions for hard work are right.
  6. Cultural Understanding: Recognizing the importance of culture in the business world is an important step toward success in the global marketplace. Understanding a country’s culture is a sign of respect. It also helps to foster effective communication, a vital factor in business.
  7. Initiative and Drive: Allocate resources effectively. Change happens because people make it happen.
  8. Complex Problem-Solving: Make appropriate adjustments and Keep your eye on the real goal.
  9. Observing: Observation is a market research technique in which you need to generally watch how people or consumers behave and interact in the market.
  10. Networking and Marketing: Meeting people with different ideas and perspectives. Marketing has become easier than before. Social media marketing gives you the advantage of reaching the potential market in no time.

Now before going to share the Chemical Business Ideas with you, I would like to give a Life Pro Tip:

I am here to share life-changing business ideas. Get through the whole script carefully and thoroughly so you don’t miss any important point in this article.

Here is a complete range of Chemical Business Ideas from the easiest to the toughest ones, from the business that requires just one hour of your daily routine to the business that needs all your day with full attention. It depends upon your Adaptability, your nature, and the resources available that which business you pick from the given ideas. It is recommended that you must own a business even with a 9 to 5 job.

If you are a student, it’s ok to have a plan that you will get a job after graduation, but also pick one of the below-mentioned business ideas (Business in Chemistry) and start your working on it as a side business. So that you never have to work on a job that pays less or you are not satisfied with. When having your own side business you have the independence to acquire the job of your own interest and wait until you get one, you’re not in a rush to get any jobs available because you have the money for your living already.

If you’re an employed person and have a very tiring job, still you can own a part-time/ side business (that can be online sale/purchase).

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Business Ideas You need to know!

Starting with our Chemical Business Ideas:

Small Business Ideas

Here are the maximum available chemical business ideas which you can start. 

1-Detergent Production

How to start a Detergent Production Business

Read More…

2- Bleach Production Chemical Industry

How to start a Bleach Production Chemical Industry
Read More…

3- Go into the Production of Baking Powder

How to start a Production of Baking Powder Business
Read More…

4- Caustic Soda Production

How to start a Caustic Soda Production Business
Read More…

5- Talcum Powder

How to start a Talcum Powder Production Business
Read More…

6- Organic Chemical Manufacturing

There is a broad range of Organic chemicals that are high in demand for almost every industry as a raw material for their product manufacturing. You can pick just one (or more) that you can easily manufacture and distribute to the industries.

List of Organic Chemicals
Read More…

7- Production of Olive Oil

How to start an Olive Oil Production Business
Read More…

8- Neem Oil Extraction

How to start Neem Oil Extraction Business
Read More…

9- Acid Production

How to start an Acid Production Business
Read More…

10- Celluloid Production

How to start a Celluloid Production Business
Read More…

11- Start a Starch Production Business (Spray Starch and Cold Water Starch)

How to start a Starch Production Business
Read More…

12- Naphthalene Balls Making

How to start a Naphthalene Balls Production Business
Read More…

13- Disinfectant Liquid

How to start a Disinfectant Liquid Production Business
Read More…

14- Phenyl Production

How to start a Phenyl Production Business
Read More…

Adding more Chemical Business Ideas.

15- Hand Sanitizer Production

How to start a Hand Sanitizer Production Business
Read More…

16- Shampoo Production

How to start a Shampoo Production Business
Read More…

 17- Liquid Soap Production

How to start a Liquid Soap Production Business
Read More…

18- Herbal Products Manufacturing

Herbal Soap, Shampoo, Face Wash, and much more.

How to start a Herbal Products Manufacturing Business
Read More…

19- Toothpaste /  Mouthwash Manufacturing

How to start a Toothpaste Manufacturing Business
Read More…

20- Face Wash & Toner Production

How to start a Face Wash Production Business
Read More…

21- Body Products Business

How to start a Body Products Manufacturing Business
Read More…

22- Aloe Vera Gel Production

How to start an Aloe Vera Gel Production Business
Read More…

23- Perfume Making Business

Air freshener, Fragrance, Scents, and much more.

How to start a Perfume Making Business
Read More…

24- Polish Production Company

How to start a Polish Production Business
Read More…

25- Chemical Dye / Inks Production

How to start a Chemical Dye Production Business
Read More…

26- Ball Pen Refill Making Business

How to start a Ball Pen Refill Making Business
Read More…

27- Insecticide Formulation

How to start an Insecticide Formulation Business
Read More…

28- Pesticide Formulation

How to start a Pesticide Formulation Business
Read More…

29- Production of Adhesives and Sealants (Glues making chemical business) 

How to start an Adhesives and Sealants Production Business
Read More…

30- Candle Making

How to Start a Candle Making Business
Read More…

More and more Chemical Business Ideas.

31- Small Plastic Products Manufacturing

How to start a Plastic Products Manufacturing Business
Read More…

32- Nylon Production

How to start a Nylon Production Business
Read More…

33- Rubber Band Making

How to start a Rubber Band Making Business
Read More…

34- Eraser Making

How to start an Eraser Making Business
Read More…

35- Rubber Gloves Manufacturing

How to start a Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Business
Read More…

36- Manufacturing Plastics & Bioplastics

How to start a Plastics & Bioplastics Manufacturing Business
Read More…

37- Bio-Diesel Production

How to start a – Bio-Diesel Production Business
Read More…

38- Gold Plating

How to start a Gold Plating Business
Read More…

39- Water Purifying Chemicals

How to start a Water Purifying Chemicals Making Business
Read More…

40- Small Scale Fertilizer Manufacturing

How to start Fertilizer Manufacturing Business
Read More…

Digging Deep into Chemical Business Ideas.

41- Magnesium Sulphate Production ( Fertilizer Grade)

How to start a Magnesium Sulphate Production Business
Read More…

42- Micronutrient Manufacturing

How to start a Micronutrient Manufacturing Business
Read More…

43- Fertilizer Distribution & Retail

How to start a Fertilizer Distribution & Retail Business
Read More…

 44- Lubricant Production

How to start a Lubricant Production Business
Read More…

45- E-waste Recycling: 

E-waste stands for electronic waste. Generally, the electronics items which we will reuse, recycle, resale, or eliminate are the potential e-waste items. Nowadays, e-waste includes a good list of materials. Like computers, office equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television sets, air conditioning, and refrigerators. You’ll start an e-waste recycling business with a small capital investment.

How to start an E-waste Recycling Business
Read More…

46- A Recycling Business

How to Start a Recycling Business
Read More…

47- Sustainable waste management

How to start a Sustainable waste management Business
Read More…

48- Matchstick Manufacturing

How to start a Matchstick Manufacturing Business 
Read More…

49- Fire Extinguishers Production

How to start a Fire Extinguishers Production Business
Read More…

50- Safety consultant Business

How to start a Safety consultant Business
Read More…

51- Start a Skill Acquisition School

Soap making, detergent making, soap, tie and dye, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, perfumes, air fresheners, aftershave, and a lot of other chemical-related products are products that don’t take much time to find out the way to make.

So, if you recognize the way to make these products and you’ve got the talents to impart knowledge, then one among the business that you simply can successfully start is to open a skill acquisition center; an area where people will have the choices of learning the way to make various chemical related products that are highly sellable.

You don’t necessarily need to have skills to form these products before opening a skill acquisition school; you can also hire the services of other trainers who are skilled in a number of the areas that you simply aren’t.

What is a Skill Acquisition School
Read More…

52- Educational Institute

Coaching / Tuition center, Primary/Middle/High School, College

How to start an Educational institute Business
Read More…

53- Water Testing

How to start a Water testing Business
Read More…

54- Soil Testing

How to start a Soil testing Business
Read More…

55- Online Chemical Sale Purchase Business

How to start an Online Chemical Sale Purchase Business
Read More…

 56- Textile Printing Unit

How to start a Textile Printing Business
Read More…

57- Leather Processing Unit

How to start a Leather Processing Business
Read More…


Large investments but evergreen Chemical Business:

58- Pharmaceuticals

59- Textiles

60- Leathers

61- Paints

62- Oil manufacturing/cleaning

63- Food products manufacturing 

64- Consumer products

65- Cosmetics

66- Chemical Testing / Inspection Company

67- Forensic analysis and toxicology

68- Chemical Instruments Training center – HPLC/GC

69-Chemical Trading Business – Export / Import

70- chemical business franchise – High Demand Chemicals 

71- Agrochemical business

72- Chemical Company (Manufacturing)

Here is how you can start a small-scale chemical business. Click on the link below if you want to know:

Link: How to Start a Small Scale Chemical Business


Q: Which chemical business is most profitable and how?

Please answer the above question below in the comments box.


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