Calculations for A-level Chemistry by E N Ramsden – Third Edition

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Calculations for A-level Chemistry by E N Ramsden – Third Edition

Calculations for A-level Chemistry by E N Ramsden - Third Edition

Free Download Calculations for A-Level Chemistry by E N Ramsden – Third Edition

 Calculations for A-Level Chemistry


E N Ramsden

Table of Contents


List of exercises

Foreword by Professor R P Bell FRS


1 Basic Mathematics

2 Formulae and Equations

2.1 Formulae

2.2 Equations

3 Relative Atomic Mass

4 The Mole

5 Calculation of molar mass

5.1 Equations and the mole

6 Finding formulae

6.1 Empirical formulae

6.2 Molecular formulae

7 Reacting volumes of gases

8 Volumetric analysis

9 The Atom

9.1 Mass spectroscopy

9.2 Nuclear reactions

10 Gases

11 Liquids

12 Electrochemistry

13 Thermochemistry

14 Reaction Kinetics

15 Equilibria

16 Organic chemistry

Answers to Exercises

Table of relative atomic masses

Product table of elements

Some of the exercises are divided into an easier section and a more advanced section. Questions from A-level papers are on the immediately preceding topics. Each question is appended with the name of the Examination Board and the year. p indicates a part question, S an S-level question, AS an Advanced Supplementary question, and N a Nuffield syllabus. The most difficult (often S-level) questions were also denoted by an asterisk.

Index File Size: 9.60 MB. Pages: 296. Please read the Disclaimer.

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