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Equatorial Guinea is a large market for chemicals import-export business. We provide an advanced list of chemicals distributors in Equatorial Guinea/chemical suppliers in Equatorial Guinea. Please take your time to visit the whole page for a complete list of Chemical Distributors in Equatorial Guinea at our website. You can suggest us about any changes you think that are necessary to update our Chemical Distributors in Equatorial Guinea list or you know if the contact details of any Chemical Distributors in Equatorial Guinea is missing from our list please inform us.

1. PMS International S.L.

08034 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 205 10 11

2.    Said Adem Mohammed

Asmara, Eritrea
+291 1 123695



4. GEPetrol

Carretera de Punta Europa, Malabo
Republica de Guinea Equatorial
Tel: +(240) 333 093549

5. Sonagas

Sonagas Building. Autovia Malabo II. Malabo. Equatorial Guinea.
Phone: +240 222 132 282.

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