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Cameroon is a large market for chemicals import-export business. We provide an advanced list of chemicals distributors in Cameroon/chemical suppliers in Cameroon. Please take your time to visit the whole page for a complete list of Chemical Distributors in Cameroon at our website. You can suggest us about any changes you think that are necessary to update our Chemical Distributors in Cameroon list or you know if the contact details of any Chemical Distributors in Cameroon is missing from our list please inform us.

1.    ALM International SA

75004 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 44 32 16 16

2.    FISCO sarl

Douala, Cameroon

+237 3361 0064

3.     Wezwil Pharm ltd

Tel: +237-75426452
Akwa/Douala littoral Cameroon

4.     Whitechem ltd
Tel: 237-9361-1625
bafia old road Cameroon

5.     VirginlandfarmersL.T.D

Tel: +237 960967614
Street address: new town blook 12 Cameroon

6.     Richmonds sarl

Tel: +237-70319897
Street address: mile-one mamfe south west Cameroon

7. Rapid Sales Ltd

Ms. Shelta Fopa
Tel: 237-0000-79472080
Street address: Douala ,Bassaries Du Cameroon. Cameroon

8. rain chemic ltd

Ms. Eric Blunt
Tel: 237-00237-90573059
Street address: 345 bonaberi Cameroon

9. white92ltd

Tel: 237-74915-790
Street address: Akwa Douala street 92 Cameroon


Ms. renold banks
Tel: +237-77621494
Street address: mbenge str south west region Cameroon

11. Ultimate Chem.

Ms. Malam Mousssa
Tel: 237-554-71458478
Street address: 212 ave. Kawala Cameroon


Tel: +237-7945-5345
Street address: 00237 Malingo Street Buea S.W.R South West Cameroon


Ms. Deborah Dunsire
Tel: +237-70621087
Street address: kotto south west region Cameroon

14. tmchemicalsltd

Ms. Mendi
Tel: 237–92245754
Street address: Douala Cameroon


Ms. hantolila
Tel: 237- 571 – 12345678
Street address: tolila Cameroon

16. Telno Chemicals
Tel: 237-331-29646
Street address: 13 Blvd Lineda Maroua Cameroon

17. tiko pharmacy chemstore

Ms. Sarah
Tel: 237-726-72709
Street address: street one Cameroon


Ms. Zahid malik
Tel: 00237-7926-2733
Street address: Cameroon

19. sopicam

Ms. george onu
Tel: +66473647896
Street address: 303 BANGKOK BANGKOK Cameroon
20. saidou pure link

Ms. Dr Abdou saidou
Tel: 237-766-12913
Street address: Douala Cameroon

21. shopchem Co Ltd

Ms. clinton
Tel: 237-000-96314148
Street address: douala bonaberi Cameroon

22. st smart

Ms. jamesusman
Tel: 237-237-99757823
Street address: douala Cameroon

23. Sonalex Chem Ltd

Ms. Richardson Sonalex
Tel: 237-237-77243407
Street address: North-West Cameroon

24. suppliers
Tel: 237-23779-94781130
Street address: Cameroon

25. Research Chemicals Groop

Ms. Higgins Chapelo
Tel: 0023776389105
Street address: 22 Mafani ave Cameroon

26. Rogans Inc

Ms. Rogan freeman
Tel: 237-7675-2209
Street address: rue 524 nord Cameroon

27. Rainbow Chemist Ltd

Ms. Ebako Henry
Tel: 237-771-85592
Street address: 23 Street Akwa Douala Manga Bell Littoral Cameroon

28. Royal Reserch grup

Ms. mohamed
Tel: 237-7580-3343
Street address: langa manga 12 rue Cameroon

29. roychemicals

Ms. royty
Tel: 237-78-001576
Street address: cameroon Cameroon

30. reemapharmsltd

Ms. reemapharms
Tel: 237-9961-2438
Street address: 24 new high way Cameroon

31. Rex Chemicals

Ms. Rex Moore
Tel: 237-237-99612438
Street address: New church street Cameroon

32. real arowana

Ms. yangi
Tel: 237-503-45683
Street address: 13 avenue street limbe Cameroon

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