Chemical Distributors In Ukraine

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Popular chemical, ingredient and raw material distributors in Ukraine

1.    C H Erbslöh Baltic

Kaunas, Lithuania

+370 3733 3805

2.    HSH Chemie Ltd

03-110 Kyiv, Ukraine

+380 44 248 12 25

3.    Adamant Ltd

Kyiv, Ukraine

+38 (067) 232 41 41

4.    Algol Chemicals TOV

03083 Kiev, Ukraine

+380 44 501 9805

5.    Azelis

Kiev, Ukraine

+38 044 537 09 88

6.    Bang & Bonsomer PJC

03168 Kiev, Ukraine

+380 44 461 9264

7.    Barentz

Kiev, Ukraine

+38 050 358 58 70

8.    Logikema LLC

Kiev, Ukraine

+38 044 225 25 95

9.    Margunas Ukranina TOV

61017 Charkov, Ukraine

+380 (572) 757 86 68

10. Selectchemie Ukraine

04019 Kiew, Ukraine

+38 044 537 54 90

11. Shellstone Chemicals Ukraine Ltd

01025 Kiev, Ukraine

+38 (044) 201 49 38

12. Telko Ukraine TOV

Kyiv, Ukraine

+380 44 4940 838

13. Terminal-93 OOO

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

+380 56 377 35 57

14. Unexim

01032 Kiev, Ukraine

+38 050 358 6176

15. Uniprom Ltd

01042 Kiev, Ukraine

+380 44 501 60 00



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  1. American Vital Group LLC

    Dear: Sir/Madam
    We’re proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers and distributors of a wide variety of Mineral products
    American Vital Group was formed with the ambitions of becoming a leading distributor and supplier of Minerals and Raw Materials for the world market,

    Our commitment to business governance us to provide an excellent and outstanding world class service by focusing on our customers needs

    we aim to remain committed to provide our Customers with the best service and the highest quality products that we possibly can

    We are always willing to listen to any comments and suggestions and go the extra miles to insure our customer’s satisfaction.

    Best Regards

    Ashraf Bayomi

    This is a list of all our products , Phosphate, Silica Sand, Sea sand, Limestone, Quartz, Edible Salt, Industrial Salt , natural sea salts for specialist organic and agricultural food producers; animal feed industry; Salt for water treatment; and pharmaceutical industry; Di icing Salt and snow clearance.
    We will be honored to supply you with all your Mineral needs, which is very high quality and excellent prices

    Our Products
    ●Phosphate P2O5
    -Concentration: From 24% to 32% P2O5
    -Production: Average 1 million ton per year.
    -The Use: Industrial detergents, Fertilizers, Production of phosphoric acid.
    -The nearest port : Safaga
    ●Iron oxide Fe2O3
    -Concentration: From 55% to 75%
    -Production: Average 250 thousand ton per year.
    -The Use: Cement, iron and paints
    -The nearest port : Safaga
    ●Manganese Oxide
    -Concentration: 35%
    -Production: Minimum 12 thousand ton per year.
    -The Use: Steel, glass, coins and alloys
    -The nearest port : Safaga
    -Production: Minimum 24 thousand ton per year.
    -The Use: Glass containers,Lenses,Photo-voltaic cells
    -The nearest port : Safaga
    -Production: Minimum 3 thousand ton per year.
    -The Use: Paper, plastics, cosmetics, electrical cables, paint, ceramics and powder.
    -The nearest port : Safaga
    ●Lead & Zinc
    -Area: Om Ghiek
    -Usage: Coated Iron and Batteries.
    ●Silica Sand
    -Area: Al-Zaafarana
    -Usage: Glass Industry and Optics.
    -Usage: Electrical Wires.
    -Area: Marsa Alam
    -Usage: Ceramic..
    ●Nepheline syenite
    -Usage: Glass and Porcelain.
    -Usage: Chemicals, Pharmaceutical,
    Paint & agricultural and Animal feed

    For inquire and quotation to any of our products, please provide us with the below information,
    The type of product you need.
    Specifications and requirements of the product in full details.
    The size of the shipment you need.
    The way you like it to be shipped, if Bulk, or in containers.
    The name of the Destination Seaport.
    To contact us,

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